Inside and Outside (or what to do with good eggs and leftover bread)

Two recipes for this beautiful bright sunny day, one for the inside and one for the outside.

first ‘French Toast’, or ‘Pain Perdu’, which is certainly a lovely thing to do with mid-week bread, and that I promised Elaine I would put into the blog millions of days ago.

My tip is to mix the ingredients below at night before going to bed, pour the batter into a flat dish and put in your slices of bread to soak, turn them once upside down and leave overnight. Put the dish in the fridge or in a cool place with a cloth over it.

4 large good eggs (not battery)

1/2 cup of milk

2 tablespoons unrefined cane sugar

a large pinch of salt

half a teaspoon of cinnamon

By the time you wake up, the bread will have soaked up nicely and will be more than ready to be fried in butter. You can pour some Maple or Agave syrup in your plate, or enjoy it just like that.

and then My Favourite Shampoo,

My grandfather who died when his youngest grand-child—me—was three months old, was apparently completely grey-haired at the age of 25. I duly started going grey at 17 and the process was rushed along the way obviously by becoming a parent and losing my mother : I was pretty much grey in my thirties (and I am 41 now so I am a professional). Apart from a one year-long string of unsatisfactory chemical experiments with supposedly environmentally friendly liquids and powders, which ended with my chopping all hair off three years ago, I have accepted the colour. Going with nature is always less tiring. I knew from day one that I would never have the patience or the will to attend to my hair as required if I wanted to fake it and I think it is better to go grey early (I just wish more people would do it, but that has a lot to do with the funny world we are in right now). You do become completely invisible, but you can be loud. What I found more difficult to accept, though, is that my hair tends to be rather dry now—not as dry as when I used henna or colour I must add. Even the mildest shampoo electrifies it further, so here is the shampoo that I use now which comes straight from the 1970s when life away from pretrochemicals and drug companies was all the rage (too bad we took a wrong turn along the way, there will be another turn off shortly). I do not know where my mother had read about this, we used it for a while then and then it transited in my head until I was ready to pull all my grey electrified hair out. And yes I even use this when I am travelling. We use the leftover shampoo bottles in the house to make blowing bubbles (I have a good recipe for that too, ask me)

1 good large egg (not battery)

1 tablespoon of rhum

10 drops of organic essential oil of lemon

a squirt of grapefruit seed extract (citricidal)

1 drop of tea tree oil

mix with a fork with a little water, apply on hair, shampoo gently but be warned it will not foam, and leave for a few minutes. Rinse with luke warm water (if like me you do not want strands of cooked egg in your hair) it’s better for your hair never to use water that is too warm anyway. I sometimes still have to use a little oil or friendly body lotion when it is very clean, but the condition is pretty amazing.

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