organic food

I bought a jar of organic peanut butter as a bait for the mice in my humane trap. How do you justify this ? How do you justify eating organic whenever possible ? I do not want chemicals to be used on the soil on my behalf. I do not want animals to be mistreated on my behalf. Simple. How do you justify the extra spending ? Eat better and less. Pretty simple.


  1. Hi if I had to make a comment, this would be “lovely treat for the mice” they will be back! With friends! I supppose out of sight out of mind! Which would it be smooth or crunchy? Idont mind a few mice at all.. .

    • Crunchy, definitely. They do come back, but at least they don’t have to eat plastic, and when we bring them away and release them far from houses, we know their little belly is full. They are sweet little creatures. I like the idea that somebody can survive well on my crumbs (with an occasional peanut butter treat),

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