home remedies, away from home

Here I am in Annaghmakerrig (the Tyrone Guthrie centre) for a week of hand and mind work so there will no be baking this week (16 may), no show in Knockvicar, but I may well get home a little heavier with all the lovely cooking here. A fellow inmate, American artist Kathleen Ferguson, who is plotting great work on the Silk Road gave me her home remedy against cholesterol and I thought I’d share it on :

3/4 cup organic apple cider vinegar

3/4 cup honey

7 cloves garlic

blend and leave to sit in a cool place for four days.

Take one tablespoon in warm water every day.

(I read a while back in some newspaper that Ralph Fiennes learnt from his grandmother a magical cure against arthritis, a tablespoon of honeygar [a honey/vinegar mix] every day so with the above concoction we may well be killing the two birds. )

In an old house encyclopedia I also read that using only demineralized water helps with arthritis greatly (did someone ever use this?) you need a dehumidifier plugged in any room if you live in the damp northwest of ireland to get a good supply.

As for me here, I am making very new work with material and rusty metal, I don’t know where this is going but I am amused and excited.

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