Life is more than the sum of its breakables

this season's tarts

Autumn is upon us and today as the sun shines brightly unto the browning leaves it feels like the right time of year, fruitful with ponderings and planning and introspection. Things are breaking down here, it is just money and temporary (we hope) inconveniences but it is wearing just the same, a non-exhaustive list in no particular order : the immobilizer in the van that is not needed, cannot be bypassed and I’m sure does not work to stop car thieves if they take any pride in their craft, the water softening machine for our well water, my camera. Is this the end of a cycle ? Is there any sense in reading through coincidences ? Sometimes it feels right to.

I found a piece cut out of The Guardian a while ago which I will share here, about the price of plastic water, sorry, I mean bottled water : “60% is for the plastic bottle, 20% for transport and 12% for advertising in a highly competitive market.” And in case you thought you had it all wrapped up like I did by reusing plastic bottles I will also add a link to an article on the dangers of plastic, read this article on Mother Earth News, Plastics : what’s dangerous and what’s not. As aluminium we now all know is not to be recommended, there are now stainless-steel bottles available to buy and carry around with you (since you are on the internet you can I’m sure find some, there are probably made far away but you can buy one for life).

One comment

  1. Sorry to hear other things are difficult, but your little pies look totally amazing!
    Hope all is well otherwise, haven’t seen you at knitting in a long time…maybe soon

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