Last saturday leaving L and E in charge of of the maison djeribi operation at knockvicar N and I went to the funeral of a good guy, 54-year old organic farmer Ted Mole, who succumbed to a brain tumour. Upset and weather-beaten but in rather cool outfits, including an amazing papier mâché mask, we went to a local haloween party packed with pretty sick children and parents. So a couple of days later we started coming down with this, perhaps not the dodgy fashionable flu but a nasty one all the same.

No baking this week, I am afraid, I am not going to try and broadcast those little germs any more than is necessary. In old library books here it says : “Borrowers must report to the Local Librarian all cases of infectious diseases occurring in their houses while library books are in their possession.” Nowadays, however, with over-the-counter all-symptons-suppressants super drugs and a ruling system than only values functioning active human beings, what can you expect ?

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