(temporary) hiccup

(picture the removed circular element identical to the one that was changed in a previous oven 7 years ago or so and that I have never gotten rid of, as my dial up connection won’t allow the uploading of my pretty picture.)

When I was about to morph into an adult I had my life mapped out for me, I would own a shop where people would come and bring their small electrical appliances for me to repair. I was highly qualified, I had spent most of my time in school talking biros apart and putting them back together again with eyes fixed on the teacher, a reasonably intelligent and interested look on my face. My second wish would have been to own a small hardware shop. I did not follow either of those paths, but I still like to open and fix machines and I store possible bits for fixing things later all around the place. The good oven had a serious crisis during the night between friday and saturday, so I had to wake up earlier and struggle to get all the bread baked in the less good (I do not wish to be insulting) one, having thankfully baked all cakes already.

On Sunday J. came to help as it was revealed that he was a trained electrical engineer, I was a little bit upset to have to let someone else’s fingers in the wires and entrails of the machine but I enjoyed the conversation about the logic of the inside bits and the fact that I could see what was going on without lying on the floor as he just lifted the whole thing unto the kitchen table. I have ordered the part from Dublin, they have ordered it from the UK, I will be waiting, I will not be able to bake this week. On wednesday, however, I am planning to go to the recycling depot armed with a screwdriver and see if I could possibly be allowed to remove a possible identical element and a thermostat as this I know will be the next thing to go.

See you next week on 26 June. I will be making some books instead wearing another hat.

Oh and I will be artist in residence in Knockvicar organic garden this Summer. What will I possibly get up to, I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into this. This is part of the art@work programme ran by Roscommon Arts Office that always sounded to me like a fantastic gig. Lucky me.

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