some funny (electronic) holiday

Almost a week without emails as my website is down, some technical hiccup which I hope to have now fixed up. I imagine all the messages that will have ended up in the void, and it reminds me of the time that I deleted the hard disc on my computer as I was in a frenzied tidying up mode, “are you sure” the machine asked me, perplexed, I clicked yes and then stared on as I realized what had been done could not be undone, and considered for how many years I would come to remember what had been lost. I am better at keeping a backup now, needless to say.

This suspended connexion may be topical, times have been turbulenced and I had a feeling that I was possibly coming to the end of the one thing and emerging into another. I have finished my last book project “Path to Promise”, very happy with it, and I am now sinking my teeth into my knockvicar residency, what a good thing. With the children’s help (E has been referred to as a walking encyclopedia by a man who had been on a botanic walk alongside him) I made a record of all the perennials and weeds and am plotting a labelling project. With L I am discussing the modelling of the earth oven which will now be sited in the middle of the herb circle, we moved herbs and plants to the outskirt under A’s guidance yesterday. I am taking photographs and asking and listening, taking notes, lovely to be at the time of gathering, not forcing any outcome.

Lovely to be able to make more of my connection with this good place. Three years almost to the day since I set up my maison djeribi stall there, finding there a good home for my particular way of wanting to build my little handfood business.

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