not happy, but not the end,

The oven is dead, again. I now realize that the fan should have been changed at the same time as the element. It was corroded, it stuck, I did not realize so I did not push it into motion in time, the element overheated and fried. We do use the oven on other days than fridays but the breakdowns only happen on fridays when the oven-selling shops are closed (at least a lot of the cakes were already baked and also we do have my secondary oven). Decision time : We are going to buy a new one and I am going to take my time fixing this one, I am stubborn. I will try and use bits from discarded ovens. And I will enjoy my holiday tremendously, using other people’s appliances and eating other people’s cakes and breads.

Today’s light lunch of polenta sticks dipped in Yemenite coriander sauce

(all ingredients organic or wild except the battery mushrooms)

1 litre boiling water in which one organic cube of vegetable broth, and one organic cube of mushroom broth were added

1 handful of dried mushrooms, presoaked in very little lukewarm water

1 handful of nori flakes

1 small handful of sesame seeds

1 red chili cut up in slices

add 250 g of instant polenta, stir for 5 minutes over heat and pour in pyrex dish

allow to cool and solidify, cut up in slices, brush up in olive oil and put in very hot oven (200ºc or more) for 15-40 minutes, until it looks as brown as you like. Eat hot, warm or cold. I would take a picture if all had not yet been eaten. Vary flavours and ingredients according to mood, if not using broth cubes add a little salt in the water and sprinkle slices in sea salt before confining them to the heat.

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