Apples (a sequel)


harvestI made a delicious Apple bread, found the recipe here, made it twice, brought it on a visit and it proved super popular, each time with spelt flour but without nuts (cooked it 30 minutes more than was indicated). Am really seriously planning to make mincemeat for mincepies for Christmas, I got a lump of organic suet for the purpose but I have not found the impetus yet and my apples-that-the-cows-threw-off are not looking as good as when the above picture was taken (the Christmas pudding for next Christmas was made a few days before last Christmas, ha!).

I am still eating all my apple cores.

4 thoughts on “Apples (a sequel)

    1. The link does not work for me, but I will find it in your blog as I am planning to spend some serious time there, and I may well give it a try if you recommend it, I do love everything apple, and old recipes have a particular attraction for me too.

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