Ignatia is an amazingly powerful Homeopathic remedy for grief.

Over the years it has helped me to deal with very deep grief locked inside my body that I felt was too large to face, that I felt had the power to engulf me, and it has allowed me to learn from it. To end my second year of professional training I had to choose a remedy to make a piece of work on, and I chose to make this short film as an exploration of the energy that took hold of my life in the past and that I am ready to let go of.

You do have to embrace your darkest corners (and then renounce the seduction of the pain too) to be able to fully embrace the light. I looked back and I am ready to stand up for my own life (in full sunlight gratefully today). Yes.


  1. I loved this video – I love the big sighs – I love that the steps are like a heartbeat, I love ” the beautiful solitude of the woods” and I love that it was made in Leitrim being such a wonderfully misty mournful Ignatia kind of a place

    • Your enthusiasm is wonderful, I’m chuffed. Thank you. Ignatia is “worse for walking”. It is such a great remedy to have up your sleeve.

      Leitrim in the amazing weather is a different place altogether at the minute, most farmers at this stage will have put away enough fodder for the next Winter, and there may well be a second cut later in the Summer. Tractors with bailing contraptions zip along the small roads and no one complaining.
      I really really enjoyed your site and will spend more time reading your good words.

    • Thank you so much for your good wishes, I have felt grief indeed but my life is in a pretty happy place now. I needed to honestly face my darkest moments in order to see the light, and remembering how truly unhappy one can be is a great way to ensure that a good day resonates far and wide.
      I must have quoted Rainer Maria Rilke here before from The Book of Hours
      “I love my life’s dark hours
      In which my senses quicken and grow deep”
      May your Summer hours be happy on your piece of Earth.

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