Live long. See or Make beautiful things.

a ray of sun

I have recently enough started to slowly learn step-by-step how to “throw” clay on a potter’s wheel : so far for me the magic of making weird and wonderful useful things to eat from. I have a lovely (male) teacher, but I am discovering inspiring women working at pottery into their later years, what a lovely thought. I did mention here my firm intention to live long.

So I’d like to salute here three beautiful women-potters, Lucie Rie, Beatrice Wood and Toshiko Takaezu in the order that I happened upon them and their work, they came forth to meet me. Lucie Rie lived until the age of 93 and made vessels that would truly speak to me : they may be photographed as museum pieces but I hear them say “be grateful to be alive, for the food that you have as you eat from me”.

Do watch this heart-warming film showing Beatrice Wood in action : her beautiful spirit kept her alive until she was 105, you can understand when you see and listen to her.

This portrait of Toshiko Takaezu (1922-2011) starts with her talking about the magic of growing vegetables so we do inhabit the same planet.

8 thoughts on “Live long. See or Make beautiful things.

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful film about Toshiko Takaezu – I had seen her work once but forgotten about her. And you brought this back to me. Thank you, Suzanne

    1. You are most welcome. You may never forget about her again now that she has come back into your life ! Such a lovely person to have around us in some way.

    1. Yes ! What I hear : Life’s work is striving/aiming to become yourself, and as you get closer you find yourself connected to nature, to everything and everyone : smiling, and at peace. That’ll be my programme.
      Hope you are well and enjoying your talks with plants M-A

  2. I’ll join you on that wonderful path! When Toshiko said that maybe a potato was more important than her pots she completely won me over. Even though her work is powerful and beautiful i know what she means! Still talking to plants, but took a year out of herbal apprenticeship – somehow feel there is a parallel path that I need to take. One day will stumble upon it! In the meanwhile there are so many plants to befriend 🙂 Karen

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