about maison djeribi

maison djeribi, the house that djeribi (builds) is a work in progress by artist  Djeribi (see mermaid turbulence). Until 8 september 2012, it ran the eponymous minuscule little boulangerie pâtisserie (hand-kneaded sourdough breads, careful dreamed up delightful cakes, precious biscuits, tremendous chocolates, and more).

Originally from Paris, after about 10 years living in Dublin, Djeribi has been living in county Leitrim, in the North-West of Ireland, since one spring day in the year 2000.


9 thoughts on “about maison djeribi

  1. (Praise the Bog)
    Bringing a printed guide to the bog walk is not a bad idea. Or, even better, to read about bogs (Flora Hibernica or David Bellamy’s magnificent work – he wrote his doctoral thesis on Irish bogs). It is important to understand how bogs work, how unique they are. If you are familiar with the Gaia theory, you may find the paralel in between Gaia itself and a bog (raised or blanket). Bog is a system that keeps up against the odds: it raises water from almost nothing, and keeps it to support itself. Bog flora ‘guarantees’ that no serious competition can turn up – except the damned Rhododendron.
    As a personal experience, I find a walk somewhere much more enjoyable if I know a few things about how and why (the bog is raised, the river meanders, the limestone is ragged in the lower tidal zone et cetera). Try it!

  2. Hi Mari
    Your blog is lovely.
    I love the name of your publishing company.
    Do you sell your bread anywhere else?
    Have you any interest in running a bread making session for people like me who would love to learn breadmaking?
    I’d be happy to save you time and help organise and promote it. I think it is so important that we learn how to grow our own food, cook it and do some baking.
    I started a sunny funny garden with some local children here in Ballinamore.It’s become a fun place to play … for me and the kids.
    Maybe we will meet sometime in the Moo Bar.

    Take care

  3. Hi Mari-Aymone, love your site. I hope to get to knockvicar this saturday, will you be there? Am doing some research on inspirational homes/buildings/gardens of Leitrim and would love to talk to you/interview you about your home and work. Would you be willing? Email me at the above address and I can forward you some more info.
    Would be nice to meet up again anyway.

  4. Goats, chickens, cats, trees and an orchard? It sounds like nirvana, although I know the weather there can be as opposite nirvana as one can imagine. It would be lovely to have more pictures with your postings…

    1. You have to learn to really really love the rain as it brings abundance and plenty even when it is only abundance of slugs like last year, at the minute all is wet wet wet.

  5. Thank you for liking my Kale, Brussel Sprout and Avocado Salad. I hope the rains have passed or are at least letting up where you’re at!

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